6 Reasons to Use Pavers and Not Concrete For Your Backyard

Why not enhance the look of your property with some pavers?

Made from manufactured material such as concrete and brick as well as from naturally occurring material like granite, slate, cobblestone and limestone, pavers don’t crack like concrete slabs and are three times stronger. This is just one of the many reasons pavers are the favorite choice for all paving needs.

Versatility is another great advantage you get when choosing pavers over concrete. Square, oblong, rectangular, basket-weave, interlocking, whatever your taste entails and your project requires, pavers provide versatility in design, function and material.

Endless Design Possibilities. There is no limit to the architectural shape, style and pattern possibilities of pavers. You can create your own design, or hire a professional for the task, either way, when it comes to design, sky’s the limit.

Low Maintenance. Simple to maintain with intermittent sealing or coating, occasional rinsing and regular sweeping, paving stones will stay strong and durable for years to come. Other features such as interlocking and colored pavers make them even easier to care for. Colored pavers hide stains and interlocking stones are easy to replace.

Durability and Strength. Due to the fact that they move in unison with the earth below, paving stones don’t develop cracks as poured concrete does. They can also hold tremendous weights and this makes them perfect for high traffic areas. Furthermore, paving stones are not affected by harsh weather conditions.

Safety. Pavers come in numerous types of finishes, including porous. If you’re concerned about safety when walking around your pool, then install paving stones. They can help prevent tripping and slipping.

Colorful. This is one of the benefits that you get only if you choose pavers for your backyard patio. They come in limitless colors, including chestnut red, forest green, white pewter, dusty gray, rust, sandy gold, terracotta, chocolate brown, etc.

As you see, pavers are superior from all points of view to concrete slabs. Now that you’re convinced of the fact, it’s time to hire Edv Landscapes and let them install the patio of your dreams. Located in Falls Church, VA, they are experts in paving stones installation. Reach them at (703) 392-9700.

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