Comparing Low-Maintenance Paving Options

Information Offered by a Professional Paving Contractor

Truth to be told, walkways and driveways don’t necessarily have to be paved. However, the care that a dirt path requires can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are many low-maintenance hard-surface paving options available. As a matter of fact, there are so many that choosing one can challenging. As an experienced paving contractor, I’ve worked with all paving materials out there. Here is what I’ve concluded.


Asphalts is a broadly used paving material. It’s used for parking lots, driveways, walkways, and even roads. At the moment, asphalt is the least expensive paving material out there. However, it also comes with some disadvantages. One of them is the lack of appearance. Compared with other paving materials such as stones and pavers, asphalt is perhaps the least attractive one. Its dull black color simply does not make for a beautiful walkway.

Paving stones

If you’re looking for a nice-looking, low-maintenance paving option, then you should consider pavers. They are made of concrete, which means that they are very durable. Additionally, since you can find all sorts of shapes and sizes of pavers, you can easily create an unique and extremely attractive walkway. The only problem is the price. Pavers are more expensive than concrete or asphalt applications; however, installed right they can last a lifetime. The other good thing about pavers is that they can be replaced independently. So, if one of the bricks gets damaged, you can quickly replace it without having to disturb the rest of the paving structure.


Finishing your driveway in stamped and colored concrete has become increasingly popular. You can choose whatever type of finish you like, and add any color you may think of. The result is a durable, amazingly good looking, and fairly low-maintenance driveway.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for your paving project; however, if you want to get the best results, then you need to hire a professional paving contractor for the job. Edv Landscapes is a reliable and trustworthy paving company. We offer some of the most professional and affordable services in Falls Church, VA. If you’re interested, then you should definitely give us a call. Our phone is (703) 392-9700.

Tips for a Low-Maintenance Landscaping

How a True Landscaper Can Help You with Your Landscaping Chores

Keeping a yard in good condition can be time-consuming. Since mowing and watering consume a large chunk of yard maintenance time, the best thing you can do towards minimizing your workload is to cut back on the amount of grass you must mow and reduce the yard’s watering needs. Here are several tips and tricks that may help you do that. If these don’t work, then we suggest you hire a professional landscaping contractor for better results.

Xeriscaping for low-maintenance landscaping

If you own a yard with a lawn, then you probably know how hard it is to keep the grass green and lush all season long. Mowing is the part of yard maintenance that takes a lot of time in order to be done properly. Since there is no easy way to mow a lawn, the only option you have is to reduce the amount of grass in your yard. This can be done by re-landscaping your yard. Xeriscaping is a water-wise alternative to large lawns.

Automatic irrigation systems

It’s true that an automatic irrigation system is a large investment, but it’s worth every penny. Whether you water your lawn yourself or have hired a landscaper to do the job for you, you are still spending great amounts of time and money for simple tasks such as watering. So, if you want to reduce your workload, then have a professional install an automatic irrigation system for your lawn. Continue reading

Understanding Hardscape

A Professional Landscaper Explains it All

For most people, a landscaper is someone who deals with lawns and flower beds. However, they often forget an essential part of the duties of a landscape designer – the hardscape. Most designers use the word hardscape to refer to paved areas, paths, decks and patios – things that do not involve planted material.

Hardscaping is not as simple as it seems. Making a hardscaping plan involves a set of choices and considerations.

First, you should think of the look, feel and function of the hardscape. Paths should be at least 5′ wide to provide enough space for a person or a wheelchair. Wider paths can accommodate more people and create a grander feel. Don’t forget that some surfaces can be slippery in the winter. You may want to combine hardscape materials, depending on their function. For example, you may want a seashell pathway that leads to a naturalized coastal garden, and a brick walkway for your formal entry.

Here are some general rules to consider when designing your hardscaping plan:

Hardscaping and structures should be implemented first. Plan out your hardscaping before you think about the lawn or choose your plants. Identify which areas are less suitable for plantings and use them for hardscaping. Besides its use for gathering areas and pathways, hardscaping can fill in to create a rock garden effect in places where there are not enough plants. Think about hardscaping when:

  • You have overly wet or dry areas (for wet areas, don’t forget to maintain permeability)

  • You have areas that are close to or on top of utilities

  • You have sunny or shady areas (you may want to have a shady spot to sit, or an area where you can enjoy sunshine)

If you need a landscaper to help you with your hardscaping, consult Edv Landscapes. Our company is located in Falls Church, VA, and has been serving the Fair Fax County since 1989.

How to Professionally Install a Paver Patio.

Installing a patio using pavers is not an easy task. There are a few key elements which every installer should consider. Unfortunately, even professional landscapers make mistakes and as a result, homeowners don’t get to enjoy the real beauty and efficiency of a properly installed paver patio. As a contractor who specializes in paver installation, I would like to reveal some of the secrets behind a true patio installation process.

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6 Reasons to Use Pavers and Not Concrete For Your Backyard

Why not enhance the look of your property with some pavers?

Made from manufactured material such as concrete and brick as well as from naturally occurring material like granite, slate, cobblestone and limestone, pavers don’t crack like concrete slabs and are three times stronger. This is just one of the many reasons pavers are the favorite choice for all paving needs.

Versatility is another great advantage you get when choosing pavers over concrete. Square, oblong, rectangular, basket-weave, interlocking, whatever your taste entails and your project requires, pavers provide versatility in design, function and material.

Endless Design Possibilities. There is no limit to the architectural shape, style and pattern possibilities of pavers. You can create your own design, or hire a professional for the task, either way, when it comes to design, sky’s the limit.

Low Maintenance. Simple to maintain with intermittent sealing or coating, occasional rinsing and regular sweeping, paving stones will stay strong and durable for years to come. Other features such as interlocking and colored pavers make them even easier to care for. Colored pavers hide stains and interlocking stones are easy to replace.

Durability and Strength. Due to the fact that they move in unison with the earth below, paving stones don’t develop cracks as poured concrete does. They can also hold tremendous weights and this makes them perfect for high traffic areas. Furthermore, paving stones are not affected by harsh weather conditions.

Safety. Pavers come in numerous types of finishes, including porous. If you’re concerned about safety when walking around your pool, then install paving stones. They can help prevent tripping and slipping.

Colorful. This is one of the benefits that you get only if you choose pavers for your backyard patio. They come in limitless colors, including chestnut red, forest green, white pewter, dusty gray, rust, sandy gold, terracotta, chocolate brown, etc.

As you see, pavers are superior from all points of view to concrete slabs. Now that you’re convinced of the fact, it’s time to hire Edv Landscapes and let them install the patio of your dreams. Located in Falls Church, VA, they are experts in paving stones installation. Reach them at (703) 392-9700.

Latest Trends in Landscaping

Landscape design and how to have nice looking yard

Once the freezing season is over, many of us start looking for new designs for their yard. So let’s have a look at the latest trends in the landscape design industry.

Pergolas. The name comes from Latin and it means projecting eave. Simply put, this term describes an architectural element which consists of a metal mesh, installed in a way that forms an arch or semi arch. Different types of flowers are then planted at the bottom of the arch so they can climb over the metal mesh, forming a beautiful flowered bed. However, choosing the right arch and flowers requires the help of a professional who specializes in landscape design.

Flagstone Patio. They are the new replacement for wooden decks. Highly affordable, flagstone patios are a perfect addition to any garden. The stones come in different colors, sizes and shapes for you to choose from, and above all, you can install them yourself. Continue reading

Paving Stones : Know the Difference

Paving is an important part of landscape design in general. They can add that specific touch that many homeowners strive to achieve. It does not matter what type of paving project you have in mind – big or small – you will have to choose suitable paving stones. They come in various types, many of which are better for certain applications than other. Don’t forget about the difference in pricing, too.

Here are some types of paving stones, along with a short description of their properties.

Concrete Paving Stones

They come in almost all imaginable shapes, sizes and colors. Concrete pavers are used both in commercial and residential areas, including driveways, walkways and patios. They are also extremely durable and require minimal maintenance. Interlocking concrete pavers offer flexibility since they move with the ground beneath them to avoid serious damage. They are also adaptable to all weather conditions.

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