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Edv Landscapes is well known company providing fast and reliable retaining walls services in Falls Church VA.

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How a yard looks like after the work of a landscaping contractorThe potential of designs that includes pavers is really big. It is quite interesting what human imagination and skills can do for your landscape. Imagine a beautiful walkway that can enhance the aesthetic look of your property. A variety of colors and textures give the freedom to have the most unique and amazing design in Falls Church VA. From simple, ordinary compositions to more complex and stylish outcomes we at Edv Landscapes are ready to turn your dreams into reality. Our paving contractor will make sure you get outstanding and quality materials to withstand traffic for a long time. Plus, the pavers are great choice for every climates.

Invite the natural beauty into your design. The true landscaping contractor can combine style with comfort and to give you a place where you can relax or have great time. We can make sure the landscape is properly treated so it can last longer without changes. The environmental conditions are specific and important factor when choosing the retaining walls as well. You have to consider well the proper type and if you do not have a clue how to make your choice, we can help you with professional advises.

A landscaping contractor with incredible ideas welcomes your projects

In Falls Church VA – Edv Landscapes is the company you need for your landscape design even if it includes pavers! We share our more than 24 years of experience, showing people how to use simple steps to improve their landscape. With a well trained experts and modern tools mixed with will to work and fresh ideas, we deliver results in short periods of time. As a certified landscaping contractor we provide high quality services in Falls Church at decent price. From the initiation of the project Edv Landscapes will aim to work with speed and precision like no other. Share your ideas with us and we will create the design and plan for the work.

Landscape design with paversIf a person has got a hilly yard, then he may feel that it is difficult to incorporate any of the landscape design ideas. Simple plans to detailed project descriptions that will help you easily create your own finished landscape design without hiring a designer or landscaping contractor. Landscape design is the art of arranging these elements  to make good outdoor space.

Edv Landscapes is a full service, paving company, in Falls Church VA. We serve Fair Fax County and specialize in paving. We also take care of your parking lot maintenance and seal coating. We are class A Virginia paving contractors with the experience and ability to do any size job with the highest degree of satisfaction. Our in-house design team are available to assist with all elements of your garden design or driveway design project. A well designed driveway, patio or path has an instant wow factor and will look good for years to come.

by Mike on Edv Landscapes
Trustworthy landscaping company

I have to admit that hiring Edv Landscapes was a really good choice. The crew they send me was completely prepared for the job. They were friendly but know how to do business. The project was completed on time and without any problems. This was nice experience for me and will gladly work with Edv Landscapes again.

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