Landscaping contractor

The work of our landscaping contractor is well recognized in Falls Church, VA

We at Edv Landscapes are ready to handle every project. We can ensure the success of everything we do thanks to our hard-working experts. We want leave until all the work is done and you are completely satisfied with the outcome. Edv Landscapes is a trustworthy landscaping contractor offering great variety of landscaping designs in Falls Church.

Special design by landscaping contractorWith carefully selected elements and colors we can achieve different looks. From a free-flowing design to a symmetrical layout, our talented landscape designers can help you achieve your individual needs.

Whether you’re interested in installation of a raised patio or perhaps paved walkway, we have the potential to make your ideas a reality.

Locating an experienced landscaping contractor is not as easy as it seems from looking in the yellow pages. Even if you find a company which claims it has experience, this cannot serve you as a guarantee that a successful project outcome will be attained. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Edv Landscapes has been tending to the landscape design needs of local residents for many years. We are a leader in the market of landscape design. We provide the highest quality of service and offer the most economical rates within the region. We also work closely with our paving contractor who has many testimonials from hundreds of satisfied clients. When we dispatch our team of pavers to attend to your landscaping project, we send them with confidence that the work will be done correctly.

As a landscaping contractor, we have been specializing in both custom residential gardening and in commercial lawn services. Our goal is simple! We provide quality services with a top level of proficiency. Upon completion of each project, we know how our clients feel. They feel completely satisfied with the final results. Our aim to meet this goal has in turn created the greatest success story for Edv Landscapes.

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