Define the functions of the pavers you want and we will show you the right for you

Pavers are the product that can transform your driveway or any other part of your property. If properly installed they will be easy to maintain. We use only the highest quality products the market has to offer which come with a guarantee. The variety of colors, shapes and materials that homeowners can choose from, is really wide. If you experience some difficulties you can turn to Edv Landscapes for help by calling us at (703) 392-9700.

We serve greater Falls Church VA and pride ourselves on a commitment to quality and service which unsurpassed by any of our competitors. Our mission is to provide professional sales, outstanding installation, and prompt service to homeowners, designers, contractors, and property managers all over Falls Church VA.

Beautiful patio pavers

At Edv Landscapes, we know that choosing an experienced contractor for your commercial or residential pavers project is as important as choosing the right type of paver system for your needs. Our professional team has the expertise and dedication to quality necessary to handle commercial paver projects of virtually any size.

Our local pavers are well known within the community. Since Edv Landscapes has become a leader in the market, we have found our services more sought after than ever. We provide elegance, inspiration and luxury to every lawn that we design with a magical touch. We understand that you expect nothing less than excellence which is exactly what we offer. We also provide retaining walls installation in Falls Church VA. Our brand name stands for quality and top class results. When our loyal clients speak of our services they often use synonyms such as dependability, reliability and skillfulness. We are proud of our ability to attend to the specific needs of every client. Perhaps, that is why we have grown in the business so fast. We believe that the satisfaction of our customers with the exceptional services that we offer, at competitive prices, is well earned. Let’s summarize exactly what we offer.

Edv Landscapes provides a full array of styles and arrangement variations for your landscape design. Our paving contractor works with concrete and asphalt pavement applications. Our landscaping contractor can handle your tree trimming, pruning, removal, stump grinding and mowing project. Even though there are hundreds of pavers in the region we are sure that none of them can perform better than us.

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