Retaining walls

Strong retaining walls for your needs

If there is a necessity for a change in the ground elevation in your garden or yard, installing retaining walls will help you keep your soil where you want it. Edv Landscapes is a professional landscaping contractor that can offer you its outstanding services for the building of your retaining wall. Located in the region of Falls Church, VA, we are the preferred company for anyone who wants to acquire the service of highly qualified professionals with experience in the field.

We have been working in this line of work since 1989 and during our years in business we have become experts in the erection of retaining walls. Today we are the most experienced and reliable paving contractor in the region that can offer you both landscaping services and the building of your retaining wall. We are very selective, when it comes to the materials for the construction of your wall. We make sure we use high quality materials that will guarantee a strong construction, serving its purpose without failure.

Retaining walls built to hold a waterfallDo not hesitate to contact us for the making of your retaining walls. We are certainly one of the most qualified contractors in the area and that is what makes us the preferred choice for anyone looking for a reliable service. We are also capable of providing you with a landscape design for your entire garden or yard. Our professionals are experts in arranging stones and plants in order to turn your vision into reality. Turn to us and we will provide you with a service that will turn your landscape into a work of art.

Located in the region of Falls Church, VA, Edv Landscapes is the helpful landscaping contractor that can provide you with a professional service for the construction of your retaining wall and the design of your landscape. Contact us on (703) 392-9700 to receive supreme services!

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