Latest Trends in Landscaping

Landscape design and how to have nice looking yard

Once the freezing season is over, many of us start looking for new designs for their yard. So let’s have a look at the latest trends in the landscape design industry.

Pergolas. The name comes from Latin and it means projecting eave. Simply put, this term describes an architectural element which consists of a metal mesh, installed in a way that forms an arch or semi arch. Different types of flowers are then planted at the bottom of the arch so they can climb over the metal mesh, forming a beautiful flowered bed. However, choosing the right arch and flowers requires the help of a professional who specializes in landscape design.

Flagstone Patio. They are the new replacement for wooden decks. Highly affordable, flagstone patios are a perfect addition to any garden. The stones come in different colors, sizes and shapes for you to choose from, and above all, you can install them yourself.

Natural Stains. “Non-hazardous”, “natural pigments” and “soy-based” are terms you should look for on your next can of stain. Recent studies have showed that conventional stain materials contain a huge number of harmful ingredients, including fungicides and pesticides.New Age Wicker. Wicker furniture is not a new trend, however, most people stopped using it because it was hard to maintain. Now, science and tradition have melded to produce weather resistant wicker. The wicker furniture can be left out in rain and sun, and still experience no rotting.

Fountains. They have always been considered a beautiful addition to any landscape design. You can find all sorts of fountains, ranging from small ones that can be installed on your deck, to massive ones, suitable for large gardens. Furthermore, energy consumption shouldn’t be considered a problem anymore as solar powered fountains can be found at reasonable prices

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