Tips for a Low-Maintenance Landscaping

How a True Landscaper Can Help You with Your Landscaping Chores

Keeping a yard in good condition can be time-consuming. Since mowing and watering consume a large chunk of yard maintenance time, the best thing you can do towards minimizing your workload is to cut back on the amount of grass you must mow and reduce the yard’s watering needs. Here are several tips and tricks that may help you do that. If these don’t work, then we suggest you hire a professional landscaping contractor for better results.

Xeriscaping for low-maintenance landscaping

If you own a yard with a lawn, then you probably know how hard it is to keep the grass green and lush all season long. Mowing is the part of yard maintenance that takes a lot of time in order to be done properly. Since there is no easy way to mow a lawn, the only option you have is to reduce the amount of grass in your yard. This can be done by re-landscaping your yard. Xeriscaping is a water-wise alternative to large lawns.

Automatic irrigation systems

It’s true that an automatic irrigation system is a large investment, but it’s worth every penny. Whether you water your lawn yourself or have hired a landscaper to do the job for you, you are still spending great amounts of time and money for simple tasks such as watering. So, if you want to reduce your workload, then have a professional install an automatic irrigation system for your lawn.

Clover as an alternative to grass

Clover lawns are environmentally safe, have drought-tolerance, and make for low-maintenance landscaping. They are also insect resistant and don’t have to be mowed often. In conclusion, clover lawns can help you reduce your yard maintenance chores and save money.

These are only few of the many ways a homeowner can reduce the number of their landscaping chores. If you’re interested in other ideas, then we suggest that you contact a professionallandscaper like Edv Landscapes. We have many years of experience and numerous satisfied clients in Falls Church, VA. Call us at (703) 392-9700 for more details.

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